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30 Responses

  1. who is the girl number 23???? please

  2. who is the girl number 23????? please,,,,,,

  3. CJBM says:

    Most of them stripper material, but number 16 6:10, wow…model material, great body, nice face and very styled on the stage

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  5. Ed Erickson says:

    c h h iit   Where  Be  tha   White    woman   ch chiit

  6. @18:45 they bypass the finest one. The black girl…. Fuckers!!

  7. What's Hugh Hefner doing in the judges table?

  8. Adrian from Hungary definitely my choice!!


  9. Quantum Leep says:

    Hmmmm , all that Tit and Ass on display and  still not one contestant that made me go WOW !!!

  10. bergercookie says:

    #62 hands down the most beautiful natural body I've ever seen , so graceful and vibrant. Shows over

  11. some tattos are just …ugghh

  12. samimiwe says:

    1.- Girl 32
    2.         17
    3.         11
    4.         49

  13. XYX says:

    Give me all their numbers!

  14. 2:28 is clearly a man or "was" a man

  15. Malibu Fried says:

    53 —  maybe the only natural woman there….. she was just on spring break ….

  16. FrogSqueal says:

    Lots of hotties, but they really need to get rid of those dumbass shoes that none of them can walk in.

  17. who the hell order that presenter,can not sound anymore annoying.stage looks like shit,been there 50 years.but yeah some girls are beautiful but like that number 6 damn his wrong competition 😀

  18. Sara Bibicha says:

    Don't like the show and girlz are terrible !!!

  19. Pablo Piti says:

    igual que cuando se vende caballos de carrera !!! 

  20. BaNZFall says:

    I cannot look at theirs asses without pain.@_@

  21. AND stop with the tattoos!

  22. Some beautiful, some kinda scary! Ladies, stop with the plastic surgery and botox!

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