Bikini Model Photoshoot at Ibiza (vacation vlog with Amanda)

Hi guys! I’m Isabel from Isabel ImaginationASMR, and this is my 2nd channel where I take you backstage!
Sports illustrated, victoria’s secret swimsuit bikini model photoshoot is always something I’ve wanted to do! In this vlog that dream becomes a reallity, my sister Amanda and me are going on a vacation to Ibiza and on the beach of platja d’en Bossa early in the morning I had beautifull bikini photo’s taken of me by Amanda, check it out!!!!
My ASMR youtube channel is called “Isabel ImaginationASMR”.
This is the link to my ASMR channel:

I recorded this video with my Samsung galaxy S7 edge phone.

For my body transformation pictures and bikini photos follow my instagram on isabel_asmr:

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Hopefully you’ll enjoy watching this video!!

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48 Responses

  1. 9:08 is my fav!! you look so amazing:)

  2. Kyle P says:

    Dont feel too much pressure to be a certain weight. You are a perfect 10 even with no makeup and needing that shower. Youre like a sexier Margot Robbie even before you lost the weight. I will still have a crush on you even when youre 80 years old just because of your personality.

  3. The New Pamela Anderson Isabel Imagination ASMR

  4. KineticFetus says:

    Haven't finished the video and not sure if you have ever mentioned this, but how tall are you?

  5. Your English is so clean.. can hardly tell you're from the Netherlands. You really are such a beautiful woman, I hope someday you'll believe in yourself and be happy!

  6. 11MHK says:

    Next time just come vacation in western Canada

  7. Dackery says:

    How tall are you? I am really curious.

  8. K P says:

    i definitely see you as a Victoria's secret model or an on the regular bikini model…….Isabel this is above and beyond, but always remember that a true fan will support you through what ever and that you don't have to prove or push anything. Hope you enjoyed your beautiful trip!!!<3<3<3

  9. Ulfkan says:

    Wow, what beautiful place!!!

  10. Frank Castle says:

    That San antonio is a lot better looking than my San Antonio

  11. Junnie 9112 says:

    You are SOOOO beautiful!! OMG 🙀🙀🙀😻😻

  12. What a difference between Ibiza '16 and '17 videos. What is true Isabel? All true. Time passes …… and modifies ……. Bye …….

  13. Anystyle7 says:

    Wow Isabel, je ziet er sexy & prachtig uit!! Zo te zien is je bikini model photoshoot/challenge gelukt. Maar je hebt er ook keihard voor gewerkt. Daarom heb je een leuke vakantie verdiend 😀

    Dit zijn mijn favoriete foto's.

    Vooral de laatste foto ziet er zeer mooi uit. Je zus Amanda heeft zeker oog voor details. Complimenten voor al haar gemaakte foto's. Het is zeker niet makkelijk om perfecte foto's te maken.

  14. SolidT4rc says:

    Ahh that's so funny! As I was watching the bit where Amanda got braids, I was thinking "now she really looks Dutch!". I had no idea they were called Dutch Braids lol. If I imagine a stereotypical Dutch person, I think clogs for shoes and braids like that 😆

  15. 😀 In english it is pronounced anem-o-knee.

  16. HunGer Asmr says:

    you look absolutely gorgeous Isabel!! i envy you so so much that you have a twin sister, you two seem to be like the perfect match!!

  17. Eduahard says:

    Is amazing to see both of you together making a vlog, love it! Thank you.

  18. Uly Gomez says:

    Omg you're guys together…😇😇 Isabel your are a princess 👸 and I loved .., thank you for taking Time to share your video vacation .,I always dream to go Ibiza ., I just wondered if the speak a Spanish ?? …But is ok because I can you speak English 😁xoxo I am glad that you having fun you deserve 💕💕 I love the relationship that you have with your sister ❤️😘 (el duo dinamico ) 👍

  19. Bland 124 says:

    Glad you made you goal weight. Looks like you had great fun with sis on your trip.

  20. how are you not a national swimsuit model? you are better looking than some of the fakes they have in sport illuatrated. damn you are gorgeous

  21. Cindy Long says:

    Really enjoyed this entire adventure. You did meet your bikini body goal and that is great!! You all ready looked stunning, however. Amanda is a stunner as well and that athletic body is just what i am trying to achieve only i am 57 in September. I am a runner and i do strength training. This avatar pic of me is when i was 52. I think your videos are super and i will be subscribing to Amanda's channel just as soon as i finish this comment!! Great job, Isabel and Amanda!

  22. What I like about you is that when you wanna do something you commit 100%, you give all your power,all your love, everything you've got, it doesn't matter if it's just for fun or a more serious goal,that's really admirable..👏Congratz both of you! #IbizaCaliente✌😎

  23. Lmfao at those "butt chairs" at the restaurant! Even the chairs in Ibiza have a bikini body 😛

  24. Jake Barnes says:

    red sea slug looks you should have worn it with some seaweed in the photoshoot

  25. charvelgtrs says:

    Just curious and please don't take offense, but did you not try out for modeling when you were younger?

    You look stunning, just wondered if you waited until your late 20's to start modeling. Its a very competitive industry.

  26. John Griffin says:

    Totally agree with everyone else Isabel! Looking amazing and the video is so fun! Love that you chose to showcase your progress so far this way! Keep up the great work! And a calendar would be an awesome idea!! Love Amanda too!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  27. evojigger says:

    Stunning pictures!, and Amanda is really cool, good that she is getting in the vids more.

  28. Alex Tofonin says:

    Your sister is really cool 🙂

  29. Derek Murray says:

    You have such an amazing and super sweet sister Isabel! I wish I had a brother or sister like her. How gorgeous you look in those photos!! I hope you make a calendar or something. I'd definitely want a signed copy!

  30. izzy a says:

    9:07 is so cute 😊💕 they all look great though it's amazing!

  31. izzy a says:

    how does Amanda still look that good when she's just woken up?! you both do of course

  32. Emiliana says:

    Dear isabel, as you surely know you look stunningly beautiful in your pictures and in real life! But i always feel like there is a part of you that hurts, that you want to supress. I dont know you and might be totally wrong, but if this resonates with you, i hope you have the right support! All the best 🙏❤️

  33. wrecker1311 says:

    dang time flys so fast when ur having fun 😀

  34. you look beautiful!!!

    wish we saw your feet more 😀

  35. PIGGY WIGGY says:

    right where are we going christmas

  36. 360p hurts my eyes and my soul.

    Also wish I was on vacation right now.

  37. Video Brief:
    00:00 – Beginning,
    04:00 – A 5AM face,
    8:03 – Baywatch,
    8:52 – Bikini pictures,
    13:22 – Amanda's new friend,
    13:56 – Bridge keeper,
    15:37 – Isabel's well-formed butt,
    19:50 – End

  38. You should do a mermaid photo shoot

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