How to workout ABS in 10 mins

It’s time for a Bikini fitness transformation!! This quick workout routine tones your abs and burns through fat.

No gym necessary, get the bikini body of your dreams from the comfort of your own home with this quick routine! These homemade muscles will generate enduring weight loss. You’ve tried fitness blender, now it’s time to get some real results.

Victoria X Rave here, welcome to my video fiittness series! I hope you like this bikini body workout!!

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24 Responses

  1. Jix says:

    i get a huge throbbing pleasure watching you lover

  2. Mal Madison says:

    Does anybody see that guy checking Victoria out

  3. it's nice to see someone that kind of looks like me (colorful hair/tattoos/piercings making a workout video with doing REALISTIC workouts ^^ It's also nice to see someone with my body type getting results and not being a gym rat. much <3 <3 <3 from a subbie :DD

  4. VIDEO IDEA- My workout playlist/music that keeps you pumped while working out

  5. One of the sexiest female youtubers ever!

  6. Heidi Zimmer says:

    how did you not make it. I mean you got a bomb ass body but you fucking sucked, like no offense, but I thought u is a professional.. 💐

  7. JITTERZ says:

    I need to start working out again. Victoria 👽 x rave you amazing.

  8. Bio Toxin says:

    you wear me out in all the best ways, keep it up and I might actually get in a shape that isn't round.

  9. nice workout ..but …you couldn't find a nicer location ? green without building's and cars

  10. jeff mcclure says:

    Go on and get it you beautiful pink hair dreaded unicorn.

  11. So excited to do this tomorrow! Thanks Victoria!!!!

  12. Skylar Dean says:

    OMG, I just noticed the Spotify Workout Music playlist in the description. I've been wanting this for way too long. Here's the link for the lazy among us

  13. rafizkk says:

    god I love you! go live soon on younow :)))

  14. Skylar Dean says:

    I never thought I could enjoy watching a fitness video so much lol

  15. Such a pretty laugh! I love how into fitness you are Victoria you have a future in it i know it!

  16. Nickie says:

    please make this a new series on your channel! you'd be a bomb as fuck personal trainer. I'm about to try this workout so wish me luck! <3 👽

  17. Me and M says:

    Got any tips for me to get over shyness of sporting outside of the gym?

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