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  1. B vegan Now says:

    B vegan. Watch earthlings the documentary:
    animal agriculture is a leading cause of all problems including starvation. dont be a hypocrite by eating animal products needlessly.

    Watch cow seperated from calf to kill calf so humans can steal the milk:

    Go vegan.


    Uprooting leading causes of death:

    Forks over knives the movie.

    Why meat is bad for you:

    Patrik boubumain world record strong man vegan. Vegan diet is best for bodybuilding.

    Death on a factory farm documentary

    Gary yourofsky best speech you will ever hear

    What the health


    Vegan diet bodybuilding:

    Farm to fridge

    tacos with pinto beans cooked from dry frozen in small containers, stir fry broclie carrots mushrooms w rice, spaghetti, chilli w toast, lettuce tomato avacado sandwich optional w eggless Mayo. fries, hashbrowns, bagel, veg soup, pasta salad blk olives red bell pepper tomato blk pepper, stuffing rolls mashed potatoes Peas carrot corn, lettuce sheedded carrot wrap, pizza bell peppers blk olives pineapple mushrooms, dates, apple and nuts, freeze dried fruit, smoothies , pancakes. basil oregano and parsley plant by window. Lemonaid. Mint water. Pita chips w hummus.
    buy mock meat look online for alternatives like vegg And follow your heart vegan egg Ben and Jerry's non dairy ice cream beyond burger. Salad w red wine vinegar.
    cook onion carrot potato blend with cashews add salt garlic powder and nutritional yeast mix with Mac. take vitamin b12. Take Vitamin D if needed. Use iodized salt.
    humans r frugivore or herbivore. google image search frugivore. Go to cronometer

  2. Sega Stars says:

    I would hate to hurt her pride, but that is not a big booty.

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