Bikini Body Challenge – Week 3, Waist & Abs

Hey everybody! #BikiniBodyJustiz is here! Don’t forget to take your “before” photo and upload your progress/transformation using that hashtag.

This is the ab workout of week 3 in the Challenge. These exercises work out your abs and help give you a small waist. Repeat the whole workout 2-3 times for the best results.

Here’s your schedule for the week:
M/Day 1: Butt & Legs (previous)
T/Day 2: REST
W/Day 3: Butt & Legs (previous video)
Th/Day 4: Ab Workout (THIS VIDEO)
F/Day 5: CARDIO DAY (on your own)
S/Day 6: Butt/Leg + Ab Workout back to back
Su/Day 7: REST
And get ready for the week 4 workouts! We’re almost at the end!

You don’t have to specifically start on a Monday but try to follow the sequence I gave you in this video.


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36 Responses

  1. Sara Cusher says:

    Hi! I've just finished my workout, but I don't know if I should be doing these in combination with cardio because I'm real over weight, and i feel a difference in my strength but I don't see a real change

  2. Vicky Singh says:

    And I also love ur dressing style

  3. Hi your workout videos are my favorite literally and I can't help but ask how can you lose all the excess fat (like your stomach) but still keep your curves ?

  4. hey Vicky, you definitely motivate and inspire me. I'm really trying to get the body by summer. my stomach is pretty flat as of rn. I'm wondering how long it will take me to reach a very toned up stomach. my diet is very clean.

  5. LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS been doing them for months now and they have always been effective and showed positive results. <3 you

  6. can you do one for arms please????

  7. Ouch!! I it's difficult for me! I'll keep trying!

  8. Zannouba Zee says:

    I love your accent. 🙂 Thanks for the uploads, really enjoying the workouts after i put my 2 kids to bed. xx

  9. where did you get your tie dye leggings😍!im dying to know

  10. Just curious. What is your height and weight??


  12. She's okay, but Andrea Rosu is killin' her IMO….

  13. has anybody seen a diffrence yet

  14. Kathy K says:

    Vicky, we've ( the ladies at work and I ) have been doing your workout and it's awesome… my abs and legs and butt is so sore this week. looking forward to next week's challenge.. thank you so much.

  15. hi vicky i am doing your videos is not correct?

  16. i love that these are all at home!!

  17. Vicky, I'm weight training (squats, dead lifts, leg extensions and leg presses ect) 2x per week for an hour on both days.
    I don't do cardio unless it's on the stepper. I've lost alot of weight but I'm not
    seeing much muscle tone. What am I doing wrong?

  18. Be Water17 says:

    This is grate! But can we please get a arm workout?

  19. Prowler92NS says:

    she is the cutest and the hottest at the same time

  20. nalleli says:

    Can I do the challenge next month???
    Or will it not be as effective because my body as already done it.

  21. ria 123 says:

    Question!!! is it ok if I wear my waist trainer during this workout?

  22. V Rod says:

    Smoking hot as always!

  23. Vicky what if I just want to lose weight on my gut ? I've been doing your 15 minute leg workout and ab about three times each a week and one rest day but I don't know. Cuz I'm already thin I just want to gain muscle and lose the belly fat…

  24. MARCONI FM says:

    Vicky I Love You. Hello From Medellín, Colombia.

  25. Genesis says:

    Puedes subir un calendario semanal gracias

  26. FrequencyIO says:

    R.I.P. Prince…. Vicky is wifey!!!

  27. Fran moren says:

    Amo seus ví inspirar mt pra fazer na academia… 😘

  28. thank you vicky so so much I am so thankfullll god bless you 😍😍😍😍

  29. Gag says:

    you make it look so easy 😡 hehe love you Vicky

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