Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 7.0: Day 08

WELCOME to DAY 8 of my FREE 90 DAY CHALLENGE 7.0! Every day I am going to be LIVE right here on FACEBOOK as well as INSTAGRAM LIVE at 10:30am/PST filming the WORKOUTS LIVE with you!

**REPLAYS will be available immediately here on FACEBOOK as well as later in the day on the BBM STREAMING PLATFORM under the Challenge 7.0 Tab at:

This challenge is *NEW-MOM FRIENDLY (*If you’ve been cleared by your doctor to exercise) • BREASTFEEDING-MOM APPROVED • BEGINNER-FRIENDLY • and all SPOUSES are Welcome!

The ONLY THING THAT I ASK for providing these Workouts FREE is that you share your workout scores EACH DAY along with your #BBM_SweatySelfie Below!!!!


Set your timers to 45 seconds on with 15 seconds of rest! This workout is 18 minutes in total length.

1. Alternating Forward Lunges

2. Bent-over Rows

3. Alternating Lateral Lunges

4. Rainbow Pres

5. Alternating Transverse Lunges

6. Tricep Dips

7. Step-ups (Right Leg)

8. Hammer Curls

9. Step-ups (left Leg)

10. Star Plank Jump-outs

Here is Today’s AGENDA! Please “like” this post, and so that I know you saw it!!! 💞

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⏰ 10AM/PST — I will be LIVE in the Exclusive VIP INNER CIRCLE doing my personal LIVE WEIGH-in and Measurements. (*This is a normal occurrence in the VIP group on Monday Mornings) JOIN VIP HERE:…/bikinibodymommy-vip/

⏰ 10:30AM/PST— I will be LIVE on the main community FB page (as well as Instagram LIVE) to Film the 7.0 DAY 8 STRENGTH WORKOUT! *REPLAY WILL BE AVAILABLE later today at

⏰ 10:50AM/PST — Those who want to add the VIP 5-Minute BONUS POWER MOVE can do so as a VIP MEMBER here:…/bikinibodymommy-vip/

⏰ 10:55AM/PST — Those who want to immediately end either the 7.0 WORKOUT or the VIP POWER MOVE with the 5-minute Bonus AB SERIES can find it (as a BBM VIP or PREMIUM MEMBER) at

⏰ 5PM/PST — I will be LIVE in VIP for my regularly scheduled (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) MOTIVATIONAL LIVE TALK and LIVE GIVEAWAY of a Personal phone call!

⏰ 9PM/PST — The NEW VIP “REAL TIME” WORKOUT for this week will be available on the VIP DASHBOARD at:…/bikinibodymommy-vip/

Don’t forget there are NEW TOOLS to help you MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS for 7.0!

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11 Responses

  1. Alt. Forward lunge touch 9
    Bent over rows 21
    Alt. Lat. Lunge touch 14
    Rainbow press 9
    Alt. Tran. Lunge touch 9
    Tricep extensions (alternative for dips) 26
    Step up (r) 12
    Hammer curls 15
    Step up (l) 12
    Star plank jumps 31

  2. NeonPink MD says:

    Those are some bright leggings! Thanks for the motivation!

  3. Started late but done with day 8✋🏻

  4. Anaïs Donk says:

    loved this one!!! whoopwhoop

  5. Amanda Mejia says:

    first day back after being sick, that cold/flu that is going around right now is no joke. It felt really good to be back and feeling better than I thought I would. Yay! for only being a week behind the live sessions.

  6. I’m a bit behind- but I just did day 5, 6, and 7 workouts! Hoping to catch up this weekend!

  7. Unfortunately I missed it today cause I feel so tired😢

  8. Nancy Skuce says:

    Done! That was awesome. Thank-you

  9. Done! Great workout today!!! Those lunges though 😝

  10. L4 says:

    Got it done with the replay….I love strength day💪🏽

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