Get a Summer Bikini Body ♡ Quick Tips

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Check out the workout video we filmed on Nikki’s channel!!

Here are some quick tips to get bikini body ready for Summer 2014! Hope you like it 🙂

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24 Responses

  1. Lexy T says:

    There was a McDonald’s commercial before this and now I want McDonald’s. So much for that bikini body

  2. Elis .V. says:

    I'm super skinny, but I'm going to holiday hill and I want to look fit not just skinny

  3. how to get a bikini body:have a good hair style and stand up straight

  4. 1 other thing is that you need to feel good about yourself and love u and yourself it rely helps

  5. your body is so straight girl u need some curves no offense but ur rlly pretty and have amazing hair

  6. The Sloth says:

    All you need to be "bikini body ready" is a bikini and a body

  7. 3 things to do to get a beach body

    1. Have a body
    2. Put on a bikini or swimsuit
    3. Go to the beach


  8. weird life says:

    self tanner is worse then tanning bed's it has a chemical that ruins your body, just a tip ^^

  9. palli12345 says:

    getting some beach jewellary

  10. when they were talking abt their fav tips i rembered dora😂😂

  11. Both those girls were really sexy but the one in the pink bikini had the nicest bellybutton

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