I WON! IFBB Bikini Competition RECAP

Bikini Competitor Ashley Kaltwasser recaps her recent win at the Denver Mile High Pro Show last weekend.

Nedim Vrabac



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42 Responses

  1. Thanks for watching guys!! What would you like to see more of? COMMENT BELOW

  2. Daily life 😍thank you both

  3. Plzzzz answer me Ashley. Ok so i know this is none of my business but i saw your latest insatgram story and you said "chilling in your new apartment". So like are you still roomates with ray or did you actually move? I just wanna know because together you guys are the dynamic duo.

  4. ISHAAN MCCR says:

    More vlogs 😊😊 amazing job “man behind the cam “ with videos 👍

  5. Id love to see more vlogs, like day in the life and tips for living healthy! Also full workouts with reps/sets so I can train like the pro! 🙂 Congrats on your well deserved win Ashley and many thanks to the camera man for capturing it all!

  6. Ray L says:

    As youre so lean as it is would love to see how you maintain and/or improve between shows and even how you maintain up to the olympia. Example you specifically critiquing videos qnd pics of yourself with your plan to improve and why. Typically dont get to see the in between shows progress. Its usually a one and done with show day series. So that would be interesting.

  7. Day in the lift and full day of eating

  8. Ashley what kind of glasses are those? I love them!

  9. ProfessorRae says:

    Cinematic and Vlog. Great job Nadime and Ashley

  10. idsavo says:

    You are a beast, girl!
    Enjoy your beastial meals as a winner!

  11. Definitely more vlogs!….curious about Nedim, he seems fun….add him in too!

  12. Your videographer Russian am I right?

  13. Yeiii,, congratulations ashley , I knew u will win, u been working so hard… R u going to keep competing soon?.

  14. Glen Dlugach says:

    You are my favorite female athlete in the world no matter the sport. Prayers for your continued success in all your endeavors!

  15. congrats Ashley, better condition then alot of the male competitors…

  16. Harvest Snaps are ADDICTING!

  17. S Rstevesn says:

    The ritual some of these physique competitors engage in- to eat so healthy and natural, then after, overindulge in highly processed foods that scientifically have been proven to ruin the body from soda effect on the teeth to high sugar items promoting diabetes. "Cheat meals"-it's like placing weak bricks in the strong solid foundation that one works so hard to build. "Cravings" and the negative feelings thereafter, crumble to the ground when true dietary discipline is followed each and every day….then, one is free.

  18. Awesome! Congrats again!!! I'd love to see the posing practice, talk about how you maximize the poses etc, what do you zflex, where do you put the weight etc..no one really talks about that part 🙂 #goals! I love your spirit and drive!! 😘❤️

  19. I love following you! Super motivating. I would love to see more everyday stuff! As a bikini competitor, it is so nice to know I am not alone on some of the weird OCD training/eating habits 😀

  20. Your my favorite bikini competiever you always kick butt in life and love that about you

  21. Any and all things prep related…fdoe, day in the life, etc…leading up to shows and ultimately the Olympia!!

  22. Lindsey Rago says:

    The journeyyyyy girl! Share the whole journey! To the stage or into your reverse diet. 🙏🏻

  23. Emilly Melo says:

    Nutrition, diet, workouts and supplements thats what I wanna see more

  24. Can you make a video for us beginners on how with IFBB rules what you have to place to get into the next bracket, how to go pro, and the placing you have to get to go to Olympia?

  25. Loved watching this journey and all the videos that lead up to the big day. Continue with the content as is workouts, check in's with your coach and even the emotional breakdowns … As a hopeful competitor it's been very inspirational to see the overall process and feel like we as fans can make a difference in motivating you as much as you motivate us. Nedim you work is very good!!! Love your shots, transitions and music!!! If you guys ever want to come to the Caribbean please hit me up!!!

  26. More of what you eat and nutrition tips! 🙂

  27. Not a hater but why u say wanna try some sandwich

  28. Congratulations! you look amazing. Love your vlogs. Please show how you reverse diet or go back to more normal macros. thank you! XOXO

  29. Kevin White says:

    Congratulations, Ashley, i wish you can flexing & splits vids real soon & you're my #WomanCrushWednesday & #DreamGirlFriday this week 💪😍

  30. Loved the video! I would love to see a video of you outside the gym just a regular day in the life of Ashley Kaltwasser. That’s my recommendation sister.

  31. Mel Boisv says:

    Anyone else wanna look like her bloated hahahahaha

  32. Your vlogs are great. Just keep it real
    Day in a life of Ashley

    It’s interesting just to see how you live
    Not in a creepy way.

  33. Great job. Ash
    You looked inspiring

  34. LM777 LM777 says:

    More videos on the raw ups and downs you go through during prep…I loved the genuine vlogs esp when you were struggling. Though I don't like you to struggle, it helps to understand how hard it can be getting to certain destinations and just how much more the victory becomes appreciated

  35. Congratulations 🎈🎊🍾🎉 you deserve respect and everything 🌹🤘

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