BIKINI SERIES™ COWABUNGA! Total Body Toning workout from Tone It Up!

Follow along to the workout here, or get the printable routine ~

Karena’s Kale Salad Recipe is also at this link

Be sure to pick up your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan here ~

Looking for that new bikini? We have new ones!

Intro song ~ Summertime on my mind by Kelley James!

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45 Responses

  1. U work out to much my birthday better drink a mytie

  2. when i am having a bad day this workout always makes me feel better…. something about sweating, wiggling my fingers, and yelling COWABUNGA really cheers me up!  🙂

  3. I am trying to find that routine that consists of 5 moves done for 30 seconds each and 15 sec break in between. I wrote down the moves but i do not remember what a plank jump tuck is and I forgot to write down what the routine was called but i know it was tone it up. the moves are basic squats to warm up then jumping lunge then plank jump tuck then plyometric pushup then finally my favorite surf squat. please if anyone knows what im talking about i would really like to find the video.

  4. i just started bikini series and I'm confused do i do this workout once or go thru it three times like some of their other workouts?

  5. Maddy Harvey says:

    +LaurNmakeup I think you need to just find ways to start liking veggies. I said that too but when you never eat them of course you won't like them. There are so many ways to make healthy food amazing and you have to eat the 'good' foods to lose weight. Sadly that's the way it is if you want to look like these two. :/

  6. Love the workouts I just wish they had some more geared for someone just getting into shape 🙁 

  7. Hey there, have you considered Bellyfattack ? Just search on Google. On there you will see a practical free video presentation by a well-known medical doctor revealing how to reduce unwanted fat. It made it easier for Andrew to eliminate his stomach fat. I hope it works for you too.

  8. Herhinney says:

    It makes me really happy to see fit girls as the standard for "hot bikini body" instead of the "thigh gap/ kinda annorexic" I've been hearing non-stop about this damn "thigh gap" and skinny thighs and not doing lunges or squats because it'll "bulk you up" and you'll have these "huge and manly" legs. (pardon my overuse of quotations btw) so it's really nice to see women that are beautiful without this fucking thigh gap craze.

  9. Amy Brenton says:

    Great workout! Wow it was really hard (since i'm only just starting to workout again), but if i do that every couple of days, i feel that i will get soo toned! 🙂

  10. Kat Holden says:

    IMO it's not really the best substitute for cardio. It's best tacked on to the end of a few mile run.

  11. That is the one thing that sucks about being overweight. I can't do it!!!!!! 🙁 I cant come back up on the surf board.

  12. of course! I'm 14 and I've been doing tone it up and blogilates for 6 months about 5-6 times a week

  13. if my heart was racing and I was sweating during this, can it count as cardio?

  14. Is it safe for a teen to do these???

  15. LadySaundra says:

    Maybe you could try a library. They could have the book, and might even have workout DVD's.

  16. Yes, I've been doing toning, and I change my workout up, I can't afford to buy those items, But it's killing me being so fat.

  17. LadySaundra says:

    Google "Self tanner with coffee" so you can make your own!

  18. LadySaundra says:

    Are you doing alot of toning (more toning can do wonders)? Or sometimes we just need to change our workout routines. A couple things helped me (and I had issues losing some unwanted weight for years) was the book "Eat This Not That, Supermarket Survival Guide", and using the workout DVD "Dancing With The Stars Latin Cardio Dance". It has a way of working the midsection while you dance. 🙂 Oh, and toning!

  19. LadySaundra says:

    Lol you girls are goofy! 🙂 I did most of these today! Thanks for the vid.

  20. Lily Wrynn says:

    OMG this workout always kills me….definitely cannot do all the reps of that last move! Whew gonna try for round 2 after I catch my breath!

  21. Chanel Paulk says:

    karena you make us feel better about ourselves when you take a break or are breathing hard! haha! and katrina you make us want to be able to do the moves like you.

  22. I'm a young mom so i love that i can just print these off!!!! But does anyone have any tips for me? My childs almost a year old but the baby weight won't come off!!! I drink mostly water, and eat right, and workout alot but i haven't seen a change!

  23. Karena I love your hair, do you use any products to get those beautiful beach waves/curls?

  24. karenmell says:

    Karena taking a break! I loved that!

  25. frannyyzooey says:

    Wow really tough workout! I'm sweating! (I also warmed up with cardio.) Great video with fun spirit!

  26. hiya , i don't have enough money for your diet plan so.. im sticking to healthy nutritous meals from now on but i was wondering, if i did all of the bikini series workouts and things would i have lost at least a stone for july? 'cause im doing it everyday nad wud <3 a flat stomach!!

  27. Shula says:

    This is the funnest work out i have ever done in my life! I love the surfing postion thingy! It was really funny and fun, but it killed me XD

  28. If you want to burn calories fast, you should search google for Zippy Fat Loss. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  29. sudip sigdel says:

    It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these normal people do it so easily with Lean Body Blaster (Look it up on google).

  30. omg they look a bit like ruby and charlie from home and away :O

  31. Finally was able to do every rep! This workout always gets my heart pumping 🙂

  32. Feeling good <3 Killer workout girls! Love you <3

  33. Sheila Rae says:

    As a surfer, it was a little embarrassing to watch the last part, but great workout! 🙂

  34. You guys make it look so easy! 🙁

  35. it's harder than it looks! i love love love this workout! thnx k&k 🙂

  36. Marion D says:

    Love, Kale. I brush with a little oil, bake at 200c for 10 mins, sprinkle with salt & pepper. Crispy & tastey snack in minute's!!!!

  37. Tone It Up says:

    nope! it's the real deal 🙂

  38. caitxrice822 says:

    oh my gosh! i just did this workout and it was amazing. my body feels amazing after this workout. i love your workouts!

  39. Karla Arandi says:

    So exhausting but perfect workout! I have lost 12 pounds since I started, thank you girls!

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