LUXE Episode 2: “Bikini Shoot/Gamesharks”

The girls are starting off on their first sexy bikini photoshoot, and all the tensions are seeming to resolve… until Zoie can’t resist the urge to rip apart one of the girls.

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41 Responses

  1. Eddie Amiet says:

    what is the song in the Intro?

  2. kellyness says:

    Zoie def needs to not be in any management positions.

  3. Drigo924 says:


  4. Tuge says:

    Tiffany has really gone downhill since clayster lmaoo

  5. Katie Bourne says:

    The camera work in this episode makes me dizzy lol

  6. TheJangles21 says:

    When everyone is just haters and should just not watch it if they gonna be complete assholes. These women are creating something never seen in gaming and all you lonely assholes need to shut up and stop dissing them.

  7. This is so weird I don't know what to say

  8. Luxe says:

    Why is this channel called "Luxe Gaming" when there hasn't been a single video game involved with their content? Lol.

  9. YT Life says:

    This is entertaining 🤔

  10. Nigger says:

    This is so unbearably retarded

  11. AiimBros says:

    Really this is my name LuXeGamingHD

  12. Opens11 says:

    Zoe’s a drunken female who struggles with self confidence. If she doesn’t fix herself she’ll miss out on the potential to be extremely wealthy… and she needs to stop throwing the fact that it’s her way or no way. She’ll lose their respect real quick and they’ll quit just like the last ones.

  13. Hey Look! its Thotimus Prime and the Thot Bots

  14. wabdih says:

    wtf am I watching? And who's this girl in the overalls that feels like she is the bearer of wisdom? This show is like a poor knock-off of already shitty reality TV shows.

  15. Grant Miller says:

    So when is luxe gaming going to be doing gaming

  16. CaptainTruth says:

    Let this be a lesson to all aspiring skanks out there.. Nudes at 1 Million is not a good career launching strategy.

  17. Blunt Bolbi says:

    i can smell the fish from here

  18. ZooKoh says:

    Zoie is dead ass annoying. RIP to any1 who impregnates that bish…

  19. nikkislazy says:

    "The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads; Internet memes are a subset of this general meme concept specific to the culture and environment of the Internet."

  20. Lol o how far the mighy have fallen. I just love a good train rack

  21. I think Zoie got abused or bullied and is now trying to use the show to make her being a genuine cunt look like ‘acting’

    I’ve never seen something so pathetic and people so desperate to want to be famous and accepted but seriously….This is fucking pathetic

  22. what happen to the quality of audio half way through

  23. Ira Gershwin says:

    Who wants to help me bring Clover back from the brink? I think she just needs some inspiration, and if we put our heads together I believe we can help her out.

  24. Zoie just comes off as someone who is mediocre at hiding the fact that she has no idea how to do what she's claiming to be able to do. These episodes come off as the "childish jealous Zoie Burger show". That's not good for your brand. The fact is, just because you made something out of your self in a unique industry. Doesn't mean you know how to help others do the same. People are unique and will not react the same to same type scenarios as you did. So the same approach won't work for them as it did for you. Success as an individual does not translate to success as a coach.

    Being a true leader means you put the success of others in front of your own. Coaches focuse entirely on their students success not the success of the team and it shows that you have no idea what that means.

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