Girls Full Body Bikini Workout!

Female Fitness Model Vicky Justiz is showing you a full body fat burning workout to workout every muscle in your body. Yo can do this workout everyday and it takes about 10 min.

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25 Responses

  1. This is a must download pure gold 🙂

  2. steffi wach says:

    Ok I need to say the bikini looks amazing where did she get it ?? Where I can find it please answers 🙂

  3. Please do workouts for thiner legs, workouts with gym ball and arm workouts with dumbells

  4. DCMENT says:

    Vicky, you give exercise a beautiful face indeed. Keep doing your thing. 🙂

  5. JustFish says:

    Im a pacifist, but i would annihilate a small village to get to her. Well…almost.

  6. Golden workout<33 lovely thx for the video Vicky!:)

  7. jle20chapin says:

    I've miss you vicky! Hey are you Latina? 😉

  8. How many times a week should u do butt workout to get a bigger butt ??

  9. Christopher says:

    Good lord you're hot as hell. Would love to get a girl like this one day.

  10. JUAN SR says:


  11. xxandrejxx says:

    really really amazing body , amazing workouts , it looks easy but its not ! 🙂  nice job 

  12. How long i need to get toned body as you??

  13. How long i need to get body as you??

  14. amazing 🙂 who ever the lucky guy is i say dont ever let her go 

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