Perfect Swimsuit for an Athletic Body: SPORTKINI – ZsuZsi Athletic, Zero Tolerance Athletic Wear for Savvy Women
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ZsuZsi Athletic is a brand that serves the athletic/active female who is watersport, women of crossfit savvy. We invite you to see and experience the new athletic swimsuit, the SPORTKINI

To create the best swimsuits for an athletic body made of high quality fabrics and engineering so that they live up to our motto of “you can do anything in your swimsuit”. Our swimsuits ultimately becomes part of your gear as we go from one watersport activity to another.

Finally something for us! Women today have 1 of 2 swimsuits to pick from…the beautiful bikini that we love because it is flattering and fun…BUT NOT FOR ACTIVITY, or option 2 the dreaded athletic swimsuit…made for function, but NOT COOL.

Our premiere product the SPORTKINI is the perfect swimsuit, as are other follow up products. We are a renegade brand..all of our gear has a “rugged elegance” to it, feminine, durable yet sassy and sexy. FUN! SportKini is the best swimsuit for an athlete.

Some classify us a crossfit athletic wear, crossfit athletic apparel or crossfit gear

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