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28 Responses

  1. Sarah Jo says:

    These comments are making me cry❤️

  2. That's beautiful, i love chubby girls or plus size girls!.

  3. pieter riley says:

    Chubby?! Gorgeous and beautiful women!

  4. These women are beautiful. Skinny women are beautiful. Fat women are beautiful. Women with a body are beautiful. It doesn't matter how you look, your body is beautiful no matter what. Sadly, society tells us otherwise.

  5. TY for uploading this video. I was looking for a bikini that could hide my curves, since i am a little insecure about them. I LOVE the comments as well. Makes me so happy and i will find a bikini i like rather one a magazine tells me how i can look skinny. <3 love you all

  6. chubby girls are amazing and sexy!!!!

  7. Watch this with Psycho Killer by Talking Heads in the background. It just seems to fit.

  8. TheRfleming says:

    there will never be anything wrong with a full figure.

  9. dj james says:

    0.08 has the biggest belly of all

  10. Whatever happened to 'Chubby Girls 4'?

  11. J B says:

    I wouldn't even consider these women chubby. these are real women. I think these are the women who should be on tv and in magazines. imo.

  12. SuperKpal says:

    I love love best body girls

  13. WolvoExPunk1 says:

    Shame some of these weren't topless.  Thanks for posting tho.

  14. 2:15 omg, whats the girl in the middle doing in this video?. disgusting. she has no tits

  15. Ron Forlan says:

    i like chubby   iam crazy off chubby 

  16. Where didi you catch these photos? 🙂 I really love this video , so sexy girls!

  17. Me too 🙂 This is how real woman shall look like 🙂 It's really woman-ish to have shapes like these girls, I would even say that they look normal (and it's the womans who are being shown in TV and magazines who look un-normal). I really hate the looks of the womans who are allowed to show up in media – they all look like anorexia victims and skeletons who whenever will be broken on the middle. It's an illness that people in media is having that they think that only skeleton-girls are allowed to be shown.

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