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Sweet Sunset 2 Piece Sunsuit Set – Orange Multi

Got It Covered Mesh Cover Up – White

Sunny Hunny 2 Piece Sunsuit Set – Yellow/Multi

Stay By The Ocean Monokini – Olive

Day Dreamin' Set – Blue Multi

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30 Responses

  1. maaari luv says:

    i love your personality yessssssssss enjoy love!!!!!

  2. I was watching your great YouTube video and then this came on autoplay. I gotta get outta here before I get in trouble!

  3. She feeling herself, love the confidence and goodieness.

  4. Your skin tone is amazing!!! Muah much love.

  5. This would have been perfect if you would stop apologizing the whole time

  6. How do the bathing suit hold your breast in the first bathing suit? It stick or
    Something? My breast are bigger if I get into the water with that bathing suit am I going
    To be naked?

  7. Eliza Neeley says:


  8. What sizes did you order and how tall are you so I can’t get an idea of what size I should get? Thank you

  9. I just found your channel and I love you already 😭❤️

  10. Yanni Ceecee says:

    The olive green swimsuit is sooooooooo nice! It looks good on you! ✅👌🏾👏🏾 WAIT! The blue & yellow one! 💙💛💙💛 Yaaaaassssssss!!!!!!!

  11. Just wondering because im trying to buy my size how tall are you and whats ur weight if u dont mind me asking. Im trying to figure out if im a large or a medium lol thanks!

  12. debbie green says:

    That doesn't mean mom boobs it just you don't have big ones. So what if you don't? Pink one fits snatched.Gives you a waist! Blue Aztec is pretty. All were lit!

  13. Giiiirrrrllll… got me laughing too hard. I love the olive green one the best as well👍👍

  14. xraysjb says:

    I wanted to see the bikini from the back . The butt is very important!!!!!

  15. xraysjb says:

    Flowers look good on you

  16. Like the floral and the olive but the all look good on you. I love your energy. My first time watching you.

  17. Does the day dreamin set come padded

  18. Ingrid 509 says:

    New here but I'm loving ur energy 🖤

  19. Dacia Bryce says:

    Use this link to get 30% off your first order of $75 or more from fashionnova!

  20. Nikki B says:

    The white bikini and olive one piece were so cute on you!!

  21. polar bear says:

    you really need to back up from camera or get a bigger house cause you look like you in a box. you show the original from head to toe and yourself waist up. WTF. And by the way you act stupid that's been done already try something new.

  22. I just bought the last one ! Super cute ♥️

  23. esisolina1 says:

    Can we see and your ass? 🙂

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