Bikini Try On! Drama, Fitness, & Chit Chat Vlog

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Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed this ‘chill’ vlog!
Please let me know of any questions you want me to answer! Love you all very much 🙂

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31 Responses

  1. SEE-JAY TV says:

    What happened to the shopping vlog you just posted?

  2. Just re watched this one! Thanks! You have done so well. Congrats. Hope you are happy and still super healthy. Are you excited for Christmas and how is Jeff? He is not on your instagram anymore…? Love from AUSTRALIA! XX.

  3. Make more videos please ☺️☺️💕

  4. Love your videos! I moved here to Vegas from Seattle about 8 months ago. You’re videos were one of my favorites to get me hyped up for the move. There’s so much to do out here! It’s tough to have an audience this large, I couldn’t do it. Hope to see more videos, your sense of humor and down to earth demeanor makes the videos enjoyable!

  5. Omg Please post more about your Macros

  6. Your friend should try to be strong and focus on her new baby and herself…the loser dad has no morals what so ever…he don't care for the new baby…hes staying with the ex because he doesn't have a stomach…hes a coward..prob likes living off women…jerk…

  7. Super inspiring. You look amazing B.

  8. cherry s says:

    Her boyfriend has NPD, google it. Tell her to run. He's doing it on purpose to hurt her. Cluster B personality

  9. Z Pink says:

    Bianca, I found an add with your photo on Mercari! Not sure if you’re aware or not. Just wanted to give you heads up 😉!
    Too good not to share: Cute Booty Lounge

  10. I just recently discovered your channel, love your content! 🤗

  11. 20:17 my goodness that body is perfection, Bianca. Gorgeous lips too. Both pairs

  12. MQS 1 says:

    Yaaas! SOL DE JANEIRO anything is simply paradise (bottled or jared). ☀️🍹☀️Such a mood lifter! 🙌
    Have been keeping up with you @ IG 💪 Sending Libby lots of positive vibes … ✨ You are a good friend B! xx

  13. Sherrie xx says:

    Yay! I love your videos!! Your hair looks so lovely 😊 sending love to your friend and her little boy ♥️

  14. Aspen Sasso says:

    Yesss, you're back! 🙂 I loved that you included info on your fitness goals, can't wait for more vlogs!

  15. JOHN PETTY says:

    I'm a TAMMY subby too!!! LOL, when you took a break from vlogging i went exploring and she was one of the vlogs i found entertaining, a lot out here is garbage to watch so there is not much to watch ,but Tammy was going thru something too with her hubby. Hope they resolve that, i really like that vlog too.

  16. JOHN PETTY says:

    OMG!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU………………..well wait wait wait……………i remember leaving the comment months ago that ……IF YOU'RE BUSY WITH YOUR LIFE……..TAKE THE TIME BEAUTIFUL, YOU'RE A MOMMY NOW……..take care of that. Your real fans will wait for you. It is nice to see and hear you again. Peace.

  17. 1218Lindy says:

    Glad you are back. Aren't you worried that all that protein will ruin your kidneys? I had read that, so I am scared to eat/drink a lot of protein. What have you learned?

  18. Kate says:

    Scarlett is a copy of jeff haha

  19. I’m glad you were able to upload. Yay 🤗

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