BIKINI SHOOT -in the rain?! – PLUS GIRL OR BOY? Gender reveal and the cutest easter EVER!!

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20 Responses

  1. Taj n the easter egg hunt was crackup to watch… just the excitement on his face… hooray i found anouther one mummy… gold!!!!

  2. Daisy Wright says:

    Thanks for sharing your Easter morning, watching Taj do his Easter egg hunt was just the cutest. We really need to treasure family time and you can really feel that is this vlog. Had a laugh when there was an open Easter egg and you were trying to ask Steve if he ate it 😂
    I just watched Jamie’s reveal, yay it’s a boy!

  3. ALW says:

    Such a cute vlog! Taj is adorable Ashy. I love the joy on little kids faces. Mine are teenagers and I still do Easter egg hunts for them but just amp it up now with riddles, a GPS etc ☺️ Great parents!

  4. So happy for Kayne and Jamie, would love to see a video of Taj meeting their little one for the first time! Your Easter looked so fun. I love that you don't deprive yourself or taj of any chocolate and just enjoy the easter break. You and Steve are such great parents, Taj is one ver lucky little man

  5. S Burke says:

    Loved the video!! The Easter egg hunt was so cute! Keep up the amazing work Ashy!! Such an inspiration!!

  6. Katie Ogle says:

    Such a joy is the perfect name for this vlog!!!
    I laughed so much, your Taj is such an amazing little man!!!! He actually makes my day! Thank you and Steve for letting us into your lives and watch him grow, its truely amazing!

  7. Kyleen Jean says:

    Tan finding all the eggs! He’s the best! Loved it ! 😍

  8. Ayla Olsen says:

    Love your vlogs your my inspiration 💕 ♥ your beautiful Ashy!
    Hey I know not long ago you and Nat did a vlog on comming off your contraceptive I can't find it, but I've recently come off mine after 12 years from being on it 😱 😱 my hormones are crazy wild, and I'm suffering alot of nose and chin blemishes 😔
    just wondering if you could recommend a supplement etc for women's hormones?? Natural if possible…. Thank you 😘

  9. Chloe Tysoe says:

    Taj's face when you both walked in on Easter morning, so cute!!!! Reactions like that are priceless!

  10. The excitement on little Taj face to search for the chocolate eggs was so adorable. The way you both interact with him is magical to watch and really inspires me to be a better mother. I love watching all the vlogs and can’t wait for the next one. I’ll keep watching 🙌

  11. Margo R says:

    Great music in this video!

  12. AHAHAAHAH! how cute i bought my boyfriend the same easter egg thr train!! he loved it!!! good joke even though his into b&s utes!

  13. I like this video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Taj was so adorable easter morning

  15. John Price says:

    Blonde boy. Brunnette girl.
    Is that the right answer.

  16. Wow fantastic video xxxxx love you all xxxxx

  17. zoe mcintosh says:

    I hope i’m blessed to have a gorgeous child like Taj one day! such an adorable fam 🥰 love love love all that you do as a mumma x

  18. I love how Steve got u a new charger for your phone. It's the little things♡

  19. Thank You for sharing your Easter Family time Ashy 🙅🏻💜

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