Crush Rates My FashionNova Outfits | HE GRABBED MY…

you guys LOVED our first rating video! so here’s another! hope you enjoyed #FLAWLESSFAM


Bathing Suit Links:

Getting Tan Lines 3 Piece Sunsuit Set – Neon Yellow
Ocean Soul Bikini – White
Sunshine See Through Cover Up Pant – Black
Bandana Babe 4 Piece Sunsuit Set – Black
Get The Hook Swimsuit – Red
Super Bombshell 2 Piece Swimsuit – Camouflage
Wave Chaser Bikini – Black/Red
Glitz And Glamour Bikini Set – Purple
Adella 3 Piece Sunkini Set – Brown/Black
Sunshine See Through Coverup Chaps – Peach
Phi Phi Island Bikini – Peach

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25 Responses

  1. RÉvsVEVO says:

    King CID has one of the best Intro Catch Phrases on YouTube🔥

  2. Lynette Bush says:

    At the end she said why is he holding my hand

  3. Jordan Lilly says:

    They cute 🤞🏽😍Yessuh

  4. Jesus Mendez says:

    you said ''why is he on my hand '' lol I

  5. It was a joke don’t sue me

  6. My thing is a girl but this is my mom phone

  7. “Why is he holding my hand”😭😂

  8. U not a grandma why u cover yo butt for🤣

  9. I love your hair my color is pink too

  10. she said y is he holding my hand 16:32

  11. Real talks they should go out ❤🤗

  12. Marie Felix says:

    "Why is he holding my hand?"

  13. He just likes her butt🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Thatkid Q says:

    Tell us that y’all together already

  15. Ethan Gomez says:

    He was looking at her butt

  16. Burger Man says:

    Y’all should make a porno

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