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  1. Don Miyamar says:

    These girls work extremely hard and then the media teams setup a static camera with zero panning or zoom and just sit there on record. Lame! These girls deserve better coverage and highlights.

  2. Bikini like the hardest class to judge they all look so simlair

  3. Sun Tzu says:

    I just learned how to read lips…..the good kind……

  4. John Gold says:

    I like number 1 and 7 the most

  5. What are they judging on? I think they want the audience to see how big their vagina is. Lmao!!!

  6. Kayla Parker says:

    I can't deal with the constant hair flipping

  7. Jenn Zobel says:

    Where can we see the bikini amateur finals?

  8. This is like prostitution in amsterdam redlight district…cant believe these butt poses. But i like em 😂. Though it kinda devalues women though.

  9. Danny B says:

    Just like the fifth element…. perfect.

  10. Janet says:

    Did you see Ashley's face when she had to move? She was shocked and actually looked really nervous up there. I feel bad for her.

  11. mark jones says:

    They all have baby asses.

  12. DND says:

    Im Always so confused about what and how they judge any of the women's divisions. Is it femininity, muscularity, masculinity or just who has the best butt?

  13. The Thai chick seems more concerned with her hair than anything

  14. To see who worked their butt off

  15. Bdawg02 says:

    Janet is always amazing… Ashley Kaltwasser is back…Janet win because of her height, looks and polish…nothing is really different.

  16. I am not sure what is the judging criteria here lol but i would smash them all given a chance lol

  17. Ashley for the win. She has thee best glutes!!!

  18. oh yeah nah says:

    So are they judging butt size or who can do doggy position better

  19. tachee77910 says:

    They should pose naked !!!!

  20. Nature Boy says:

    Amazing how good these women look…
    Even though they have fake breasts and take testosterone to keep their muscle while dieting!

  21. Rob Sycamore says:

    Ashley x Janet…2 amazing presentations w/2 totally different looks w/which either athlete could win. Great job by all involved.

  22. NettiBongo says:

    so what are they judging when the ladies turn their back? the hair is covering their back the only thing we see is their butt. really?.

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