2017 Bikini Olympia Finals

the 2017 IFBB bikini olympia finals
This video has been uploaded for educational purposes only.
Learn to pose from the best of the best as the top ten finalist give their presentation.
We do not own this video nor claim to.
This video is not monitored and will be removed as soon as it is available on Amazon or other outlets.
this video is copyright and property of AMI media. all right reserved.
IF you are the owner of this video and would like it taken down please contact us immediately.
thanks and enjoy

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19 Responses

  1. Chris Oakes says:

    That could only be Hotter if they were barefoot!

  2. Swim Cat says:

    Not very attractive they all look the same and I can't stand how they fling their arms and stick their behind out

  3. Ugly thin tranny looking whores and ugly pedoz

  4. this is total bs , watch guys any Russian bikini fitness competition and youll see the ral women beauty , not this shemale show

  5. Miro8111 says:

    Camile Periat – sexiest!!!

  6. where are liz yisreal and marcia goncalves individual walks?

  7. Name_ says:

    They look good and work hard… but this look is not good to me. I find it to be too much fakes and over the top glamour – which makes the look border into a pornstar/playboy girl/glamour girl look. I personally prefer the NABBA Toned Figure for similar types of physiques, but much better presented imo – and less sleazy.

  8. Fake tan, fake breasts, and those heels are NOT good for the spine….

  9. mrswolls says:

    I'm sorry but they look ridiculous

  10. they should all be working on how fucking FUG they are…my god faces that launched a million ships

  11. elephant man says:

    so i guess 2017 was the year when quads were skipped.

  12. MakeWayForCJ says:

    I swear… everytime I see Narmin walk, she reminds me of a horse.

  13. Suba Meanies says:

    Thanks for the video. These women are all very beautiful. Congrats to Angelica for winning. There were many here that could've easily took 1st place on this competition. Narmin, Margaret, Yana, etc.. I'm surprised Janet Layug wasn't part of this event.

  14. BARON SAMEDI says:

    This X way of walking… and posing routine is a joke 😁

  15. Chris K says:

    Just skinny girls with plastic surgery…point

  16. lmao did you change the thumbnail but leave in the whole part with all the pornhub links? xD

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