Bikini Competition Prep Workout (7 weeks out)

In this video I train upper body with Jeannie who is 7 weeks out from her first bikini competition. We’ll take you through one of her current prep workouts.

You’ll get a full breakdown of the exercises and some tips to help you perform them properly.

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5 Responses

  1. Kimmy Grant says:

    The facts contained in the Fat Decimator training course is really unique, effortless and extremely effective. What’s much more amazing is that Kyle isn’t charging you large sums of money for his system. Learn more about this plan right here

  2. H Evangelou says:

    Wow amazing 💪. Looooove this so much. 👌💪❤

  3. Lisa says:

    Really enjoying this video. Keep it up 💪😁👏

  4. Vindicator says:

    Hey there Izzy  !!  👋😊  Great channel you have going here !!    Congrats on all your success  , and wishing the best for even more for the rest of  2019 and beyond !!   Thanks to  you and Jeannie for showcasing an excellent , boss style workout ,  and can't wait to see more awesome content in the future.  👍😊  …  So I wondered , (before you started prep) did you switch up your training routine  every week or more so periodically  ??  …  And which style of training in general , do you feel gives you more of a challenge:  doing high reps with light weight  or  low reps with  heavier weight ??   …  Keep going strong  💪   and keep on inspiring. 😊   Look forward to being apart of the  Izzy Wagner  fan club !!  Cheers. 🍷😎

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