SuperMega Plays BATTLE FOR BIKINI BOTTOM – EP 12: Rock Bottom

We’ve finally hit it.
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33 Responses

  1. Miranda says:

    I really hope they realize they can kill the sleepytime robots if they get close enough to them

  2. I totally know what LSD void Matt is talking about, the music level right?

  3. Sweeps says:

    You can scrub through youtube videos 1 frame at a time by using the < and > keys.
    16:43 is where it ends, it loads in ever so slightly at 16:44 but it fades in so it's still hard to make out.

  4. esonic122 says:

    Press r1 near mermaid man to go to the mermalair

  5. Bear Omlg says:

    Haahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha ehehhehehehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheh

  6. Squee Wee says:

    The boys missed the vending machine easter egg 😥
    (Also I'm pretty sure you guys won't read this but you can change how close the camera is by pressing select. Having the camera zoomed out show's where you're aiming the bubble bowl)

  7. OneNot says:

    he did it bois:

    There's probably a fade in effect in the game though, so you can barely see it.

  8. Big Boot Bob says:

    I love when a super loud ad cuts in and blows my ears out thanks again YouTube

  9. Tanner Joe says:

    The rolling spongebob on a thin platform gave me Billy Hatcher flashbacks. 😨

  10. What if James Cameron is actually a SuperMega fan and the bois know him?

  11. When the single frame is there, but its so dark you can barely make out any thing aside from the HUD 🙁

  12. matt watson.. from supermega.. brrrt 😉

  13. 13:37 See You Again by Tyler, The Creator

  14. Charis says:

    Im begging you to play Spyro: Year of the dragon

  15. Akitsune ** says:

    Guys pls read this the mermilair is in shady sholws or however u spell it
    But noice vid

  16. FoxxyDerp says:

    anyone else think its strange that matt pronounces museum "myoo-zay-uhm" instead of "myoo-zee-uhm?" just me? i dont really care tbh but it's interesting i guess

  17. Feta 2dope says:

    The episode Matt’s talked about is when squidward gets thrown threw the fly of dispare from the flying Dutchman

  18. Nictoonie says:


  19. Tito Lounge says:

    They deadass showed one frame of the museum 😔

  20. MrStratman7 says:


  21. Sophie Smith says:

    ms.puff looks like she’s on meth the whole time and it’s disturbing

  22. Cthulhu Fox says:

    The dream realm is a level bros

  23. Not to complain but they forgot that using the spatula mid jump prolongs air time. Not being a bitch, i love these boys and i want them to enjoy this game withojt frustration over platforming

  24. Kyle Simeone says:

    it pisses me off every time matt says "museaem"

  25. _Jess.ica_ says:

    You making fun of my bloody words fam

  26. this is the golden age of supermega

  27. Welp they just walked into the hardest level on the planet

  28. Do they not realize you can use spongebob’s basic spin attack to get more distance from their jump?

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