Day in the Life of a Pro Bikini Competitor

Follow me throughout the day to get a sneak peek of a typical day for me as I prep for my next show.

Featuring – Coach Adam Bonilla

Videographer- Brett Seeley


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22 Responses

  1. Can we get a thumbs up for Mullet Marvin?

  2. Hope you put up a video on your visit to the chiropractor. Had me laughing a couple of times but you took the beating quite alright Ashley!:)

  3. You should be beyond proud of your results you look frickin amazing girl. Thats some hard work thats paid off. Hope you win babe. Gym goals

  4. You always look so amazing Ashley the YouTube video content is boss and it's always fun to watch the videos Adam is a great addition

  5. Mullet Marvin stole the show! Sorry Ashley! 😂😂😂

  6. rootin for u maybe change ur color bikini to purple

  7. Amy Growing says:

    Yes!! Fanny pack!! I wear a fanny pack every time I workout and people always make fun of me!! But it’s a Utility Belt😊💯 Fanny Pack Club!!!

  8. Yall just need to get married already!

  9. Yall just need to get married already!

  10. I love you! I just finished my first competition and I watched your videos for inspiration and fun while I was prepping. I am also obsessed with Fanny packs!! Best thing ever.

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed the video.. Thanks so much. ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I love your videos! I can't wait for the gym again tomorrow. Thanks for the kickass motivation!

  13. LOL @ Park your car in a fanny pack

  14. Joy Flint says:

    Saw this pop up last night but left it for when I was doing my cardio. I would love to bring you some treats from Australia for you to try. Is there anything that you know about that you would like to try? 6 weeks to go. We got this!

  15. Brant Frans says:

    Ashely, you are an amazing woman. So strong, fearless and so beautiful. Keep up the good work.💪

  16. Julissa S says:

    Thank you Ashley. You’re my inspirational

  17. Julissa S says:

    I’m in love with your Coach He is such a cutie

  18. no Way says:

    Couple of questions. When you are training for a competition, how often do you get recovery massages? When I go into a strict training regime I try to get a full body deep tissue massage once every two weeks. This includes a deep tissue hand and foot massages for all the running and lifting. If not, the soreness slowly builds up from work out to workout.

    Also, do you have a regular/daily stretch routine to increase your flexibility and decrease your recovery time or so you just do dynamic stretches as a warmup?

  19. Trayce Carr says:

    Go Ashley!!! That's ALOT of freakin' stairs…do you or did you find the change in altitude effected you at first? I'm so inspired by all your hardwork:))

  20. Hey Ashley! You look like you’re already stage ready. 😍great job! Is it better for fat loss to do cardio first? I’ve always heard that it’s better to do weights first and I’ve done it that way for awhile… but maybe I need to switch it up to get faster results? Thanks!

  21. Gerard says:

    You look phenomenon ! You look like you are ready to win your next show!

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