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2 Weeks Out!

The show is getting close, which means I will be dialing in the macros, increasing the cardio, and eating EXTREMELY clean. No artificial sweeteners, no additives, bye-bye protein powders. Anything that can cause water retention, bloating, or upset stomachs has got to go……sticking to foods that I know my body reacts well to.

This week I wanted to share a full day or eating. I will be eating this same menu every day for the rest of prep. It might be boring, might be repetitive, but this is the final step to make sure I bring my best package to stage.

Please note: I do not suggest this meal plan from start to finish for those who are not competing and is not supposed to be a long term diet. This is simple what I have found works best for my body and what my coach and I have decided is best for the last 2 weeks of bikini prep. Stay tuned for reverse dieting and normal days of eating post show 

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If you have nutrition topics you would like to take a closer look at drop them below! The Relentless Bikini Series will document my journey to stage. Hopefully these videos can help you through your own fitness journey or feel free to watch as you get your cardio done. This will be my second OCB show and I am ready to be bring my best package yet. Excited to see the results….let’s get to work! ______________________________________________________________


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  1. Leah Brigman says:

    What kind of container do you use to mix your pbfit in?

  2. Leah Brigman says:

    I would LOVE to see your full day of eating the first day after your competition

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