Meshki Try On Clothing Haul – NYE Party Dresses & Bikinis!

I’m so excited for New Years Eve! Bring on 2019! I still don’t know what to wear on NYE though, so let me know in the comments which MESHKI dress you think I should wear! I hope you guys enjoy this Meshki clothing try on haul! I got a bunch of bikinis and dresses and the design and quality is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Use discount code: STEPHANIELANGE for 15% off Meshki’s website:

C L O T H E S F E A T U R E D I N H A U L:


✔ S U B S C R I B E

✔ I N S T A G R A M

✔ S N A P C H A T

✔ T W I T T E R

✔ F A C E B O O K

✔ E M A I L (business only contact)

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This video was sponsored by MESHKi.
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39 Responses

  1. hetvi patel says:

    what size are you wearing the first dress in? also im 5"2 would it be too long for me?

  2. Sam Charles says:

    Deleting all the people speaking about wastless fashion and bad fashion industry and environmental standards hey 🤔😘

  3. I do not send tweets because I can not control my shyness

  4. Lindsay Tr says:

    I wish I had a friend as fun and nice as you are!!!

  5. already won a like only to have it behind a book or something of guns n roses, and because thin are all good

  6. Awesome! Btw, u should really wear orange more, looks great on u.

  7. Marta says:

    please stop smooching your boobs together

  8. :: SBK :: says:

    Heyy ..u don't have hip dips.. plz do a video on that

  9. Nice looking girl 👧. Hope you have personality to match

  10. Kiera R says:

    The gold dress is my favorite on you!!

  11. BeHappy says:

    The ruby red dress (dress number two) looks lovely on you. Let us know which One you go with 👍
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Healthy New Year 🎉

  12. 3seren says:

    SO does she wear like a double push up bra or she just seeking attention, because her breasts are actually big

  13. Nik NIK says:

    ,,, Steph it's Nick from Australia again the blue bikinis are made for you by more of them in different colours especially white oh my god you are sexy as sexy can be in that style and it makes your boobs look bigger with the touch of the top and the bottoms were just made for you I'm not trying to come onto you already thing I'm just trying to compliment you in a kind way heads will turn Darren will be fighting men away from you in those bathers bikinis The Electric Blue by more more more more more more love love love you Nick from Australia

  14. Nik NIK says:

    , x hi Nick from Australia again definitely definitely the orange one definitely suits you so much and heads will definitely turn when you wear that Darren will have to fight them away I thought the gold one was sexy but my god this one is absolutely Sublime where the orange one love love love you have a great time enjoy your orange dress orange is one of my favourite colours and favourite makeup looks and especially lipsticks you will look spectacular as you always do love love love you Steph have a great night

  15. Nik NIK says:

    Hi Stephanie Nikki from Australia my choice by far is the gold dress because the gold makeup you put on your eyes sometimes will look absolutely spectacular you will look sassy and sexy and Darren won't be able to keep his eyes off you love love love you have a great New Year love Nikki from Australia where the gold one

  16. Yuri Era says:

    this is the best make up do this all the time

  17. cykawaii says:

    dark hair looks sooooo good on you

  18. You look fab! Love your eyebrow shape here! Do you ever have days where you feel really ugly? If so do you have any tips to overcome those days?Xox

  19. why so many dislikes, wtf? Is it because she looks good?

  20. Marie M says:

    Love the orange dress! ❤️❤️❤️ followed by the gold.

  21. inoidzervit says:

    I love the gold dress! You look amazing in it! ❤️❤️❤️

  22. That white dress is absolutely gorgeous on you.

  23. Lola Taylor says:

    i just came from your mature make up look with your mother, that was the first time I've watched you and I've got to say you look way prettier without make up with those glasses on.

  24. Capri Mendez says:

    What strapless bra do you wear?

  25. you are rocking this hair my goodness

  26. Wish i wasnt fat. This depressed me

  27. Stephanie, you should definitely go with the gold dress for New Year’s Eve. It fits you like beautifully and gold is so perfect for New Years. Think about the gorgeous eye looks you can do with that one. well you can do it with any of them lol, but that gold is soo perfect for New Years. All the bathing suits looked gorgeous on you as well as all of the dresses❣️If this brand delivers to the US… I’m in trouble.. I live in the US – NYC.. just got out of the overly crowded place and upgraded to a beautiful new house in NJ💗… it’s winter here and freezing as well, but I just bought 5 bathing suits. 4 were two pieces with all different styles halter, 3 strings, one similar to your blue top and a strapless one that has options to put straps on it like the VS multi-way bra. The bottoms, as far as coverage range from cheeky, very cheeky, bikini, ruffle cheeky and as far as styles go there’s strappy, 1 strap, a fake tie on the sides, one is ruched/ruffled and the one piece is Then I bought a one piece that is so cute – I haven’t owned a 1 piece in such a long time, mainly bc I haven’t seen too many that really caught my eye, this one is so unique, the whole middle is cut out low then it cris crosses down the sides to the bottom and the top of the back is a matching cris cross design that connects to the side and ties like a halter and the rest of the back is cut out very low and is a cheeky style for the bottom. What is really nice about that one is the crisscross pattern is unique and it is very adjustable from the bottom to the sides, up to where it’s tied on the neck. I bought 4 bathing suits in the beginning of spring this year and caught a great sale in September of beautiful bathing suits that were all 40%-60% off. (Trying to justify owning all of these plus the ones from last year).. I have a big in ground swimming pool that is very big, so a lot of bbq’s, and I live 15 minutes away from the beach (without being in a flood zone✨💗

  28. Cindy Dotson says:

    I want to start off by saying I think you are a VERY beautiful young woman and it isn't price tags nor name brands that make you beautiful. For a young woman that spends so much time on her make up… I am not sure WHY you would want to put any of the gawd awful, squish and flatten your chest , dresses that you showed. One of the only ones you showed that actually "accentuated" the cleavage is the silvery white one. Seriously… you spend hours teaching women how to accentuate their eyes, lips, cheek bones… but you want to look like you wrapped duct tape around your chest to flatten your boobs? I really do think the younger generations need to look back at the Pin Up girls… the Classic, Classy, movie stars that had amazing hour glass figures, and those women out shined any of todays "it's about the price tag" Kardashian types in mini skirts and tape

  29. Ena Smicz says:

    I pick the white dress, love that the most.

  30. Erica Taylor says:

    I like the gold dress and the red dress with the sash best on you. But in the end I think you should wear whichever one you feel the best in. You looked great in every dress. Everyone is saying so many different opinions in the comments and they are obviously just that, opinions. Everyone has different senses of style. You are 100% classy and no dress will ever change that. Have a great New Years and go strut your stuff in the dress that you like. ♥️

  31. Lura France says:

    I vote for the dress you're wearing OR (even better) the ORANGE dress! The bold colors compliment your porcelain skin whereas the white/silver and particularly the gold dresses wash you out.

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