Posing with a Pro – First Time Bikini Competitor Advice | Mind Pump

In this episode IFBB Bikini Pro, Remonta, teaches Melissa, tips and techniques on how to pose like a pro. As Melissa prepares for her first NPC bikini competition, she leans on Remonta for first time bikini competitor advice.

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26 Responses

  1. Pump Life says:

    Amazing legs on Melissa, stellar arms on Remonta what a great pair they make.

  2. omg i need you do u offer any online training?

  3. Randy benton says:

    You can tell whose the pro. She is polished!

  4. Thanks a lot ❤️very formative❤️

  5. More of this stuff guys!!! Obsessed with your show and everything you have to offer listening strong a year and a half. I get made fun of bc I get told I think everything you guys say is gospel. Loving this thank you so much.

  6. Leanne Ward says:

    Wow thank you so much for this video. It’s so informative, it will really help me for my next season. 😊

  7. Amanda Colon says:

    Its so fucking complicate😠

  8. Very insightful, thanks for the upload and best of luck to Ms. Melissa

  9. Paige Welch says:

    I'm prepping for my first competition and this is the most helpful and in depth video I've found. This coach is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! Is part 2 of this on youtube?

  10. Jay Dee says:

    Awesome instructions. wow!!!!

  11. Dreaming about getting af class with you, super good video!<3

  12. She likes close to perfection, Just to even think about how she trains is everything👏

  13. Arian Saeedi says:

    Who’s the instructor!? Oh my god she is amazing!! I wanna jus watch more from her!

  14. Que cuerpazo la profe !!!! Diosaaaa

  15. I did posing with remonta too! We did a show together.. oh jeeze this brings back all the lower back pain… i mean… memories… 😉

  16. Need an instagram for that cutie

  17. Toversnol says:

    Remonta lost all her booty gains? or is that always been flat? :/

  18. Ida Podrug says:

    "If you're not hurting, you're not doing it right." Lol. That sounds a little scary! P.S. I have calf envy. Okay pretty much everything envy!

  19. Chad Miller says:

    You can not possibly do any better than Melissa. She's as good as it gets. Wow! 😍

  20. David F says:

    To admit my main attraction here was the eye candy, but same time no doubt remains : bikini competition is its own art and science ! Interesting . . .

  21. Are you guys using Sony wireless mics?

  22. no no nooo! its not done. You guys suppose to focus on workouts NOT on how to pose etc. DISAPPOINTED 🙁

  23. future says:

    hot and bothered now. thanks

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