Fitness Goddess Alicia Marie – Bikini Basics!!!

The one and only SUPER-STUNNING, top fitness model Alicia Marie is in da’ house…….
Let me hear you say “yeah”…. “yeah”…”wow”…”wow”….
OK, you get the picture. We have a true fitness goddess on LA Muscle TV.

Fitness champion and model Alicia Marie has been a fitness and health contributor on various television and radio programs such as Good Day New York, the WB11 morning news, MSNBC and MAXIM radio.

Alicia Marie has been able to develop her love of performance and her knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry into national recognition as a spokesmodel, fitness athlete, magazine columnist and expert. As the first ever Ms. Muscle & Fitness 2006, Alicia has appeared on the pages of Muscle & Fitness magazine, HERS, Flex magazine, Ironman, Musclemag, Planet Muscle, Fitness, SELF, O Magazine, Glamour, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness and most recently on the covers of Fitness RX for women and Oxygen magazine. As a freelance fitness writer, her articles, dating advice column and workouts have appeared in numerous publications such as Mens Health and Mens Edge magazines.

Alicia invited LA Muscle TV for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her latest photo shoot with top physique photographer, Robert Reiff, as she shoots for her latest entrepreneurial collaboration with Elisabetta Rogiani, celebrated couture fitness designer, for her own clothing label, before allowing the cameras to follow her into TRAIN gym in West Hollywood to show us some of her favorite exercises that help keep her at the top.

Ms. Marie made her mark in the competitive arena by capturing numerous regional, national and international titles such as Ms. Bikini Universe 2004 – beating over 115 candidates from all over the world and taking the overall. Alicia was also a top finisher in the Canadian International Fitness Championships, an event considered in the industry to be one of the most competitive national-level fitness performance competitions in the world.

And if your thinking that Fitness is the only thing on Alicia’s mind, think again!
Alicia graduated with Honors and Distinction from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Neuroscience and Psychology. She has studied writing for broadcast news and reporting at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and is currently studying nutrition at Columbia Universitys Teachers College affiliate, IIN.

In this exclusive show, the gorgeous Alicia Marie will show you part 1 of the “Bikini Basics”.

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  1. druvak says:

    I want to build a temple for this goddess!

  2. this girl i need for trainning me hhehe
    she really cute

  3. Brian Ting says:

    @Mehedict dude what about ava cowan and jamie eason dude you seriously don't know a lot of fitness girls then do you and who could forget jenifer nicole lee

  4. cscka00 says:

    @Moniemon7 I was gonna tell him he needed to get out more than i read your comment, thanks for saving me the trouble.

  5. 7718 says:

    Jace Hall is a lucky guy

  6. Moniemon7 says:

    @Mehedict jamie eason, mindi smith, the list of fitness hotties goes on and on. when you meet these women in person they dont even look human, they look like Goddesses. You should really get out more homie.

  7. southport97 says:

    @Mehedict Wrong lol charliejames1975

  8. budhunter09 says:

    @MooreProductionsMP3 …and you're GAY!!!

  9. droctagon3k says:

    yeah if she came down to my gym, would have a seriously hard time trying to concentrate

  10. I would never be able to concentrate in the gym with her there!!!! I would definately be able to pull her lmao!!!

  11. newguy56 says:

    Seriously, the only fitness girl who's actually hot.

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